The French Clover

Posted by Natasha Stiles on 2nd Mar 2017

The Quatrefoil. You'll find I use this shape in a ton of my print work and design. I don't believe in decorator art or meaningless esthetics so you can probably guess that the quatrefoil lives in my heart. Native American cultures sometimes suggest that this shape reflects the four ends of the earth which rings so true to the journey of motherhood, I would absolutely travel to the ends of the earth for my babies, as any mother would, spiritually this shape is often used around prayer. When I was in my early 20's, before I started my business or was married or had babies, before I knew myself, before I knew school lunches or mortgages or never ending preschool runny noses, sore nursing nipples, before I knew sleep deprivation, before I knew a child coup could form against me uprising over an unfamiliar dinner menu, I knew Paris. Days of wandering streets, cafes, cemeteries and chocolate croissants, a dark Jacque Garcia hotel filled with a heady Amber scent, walls covered in tapestries, fragrant fresh roses stuffed tight in antique Mercury vases, tassels, total freedom, and everywhere The Quatrefoil - which remains a marker for me, you absolutely never know where you are headed, you never know what a day will bring, an ever reminder of wonder and awe of the unknown, where I've been and the surprise of where I find myself now, of possibilities, a spiritual compass of motherhood - The Quatrefoil.

A special thanks to our friend ozark mama deer for the beautiful baby nursing photo at the top of this post.  Check out her instagram @ozarkmamadeer.

Kate McIntosh Quinn