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Posted by Natasha Stiles | Contributing Author | Jessica Timblin on 15th Apr 2017

We were excited to have guest writer Jessica Timblin reach out to us when she found out she was expecting her next little one. We are so excited!   She wrote this great post for her blog MDMC Fashion | Lifestyle | Mamahood and we are thrilled to share it here along with these gorgeous photos.  

Contributed by Jessica Timblin

I discovered Kate Quinn Organics when I was pregnant with Jack. I was looking for organic baby clothes, and something special to take him home from the hospital. If you've ever done a search for organic children's clothing, you know there are a ton of options out there. Kate Quinn's line stuck out to me for a few, very important, reasons.

First of all the quality of the clothes really impressed me. Kids clothes get washed, a lot. I think on average Jack goes through 2-3 shirts/pants a day. All his pieces from Kate Quinn not only lasted longer, but looked so much better after being washed over and over again. Second, the price. Some organic clothing lines are, in my opinion, insanely overpriced. Especially for how long your child is able to wear them. The price point of this line is very reasonable, especially for the product you're getting. And finally the whimsy of the collections. There is just something about the designs of Kate Quinn clothing that takes me to another time. If you know me, you know I am a huge vintage lover. I definitely see that vintage, yet modern design in her clothing, and that makes this line very memorable to me.

For more cute photos of the squares shirt from Jessica's post click here

Kimi and Kai Maternity (formally Momo Maternity) is a local maternity line that I fell in love with when I was pregnant with Jack. The thing I love most about this line, is that everything they design can be worn during and after pregnancy. They have a huge line of formal wear, coats, and weekend wear. I fell in love with this eggplant maxi dress, in the softest, most comfortable stretch jersey fabric. This will be a perfect piece to wear after baby boy is born, as it is nursing friendly and easy to throw on.